Art Ache is a nationwide New Zealand Art event which occurs twice yearly in Auckland and is beginning to roll out nationally, with its first show in Dunedin earlier this year. It has been running for almost 5 years now and is up to its 16th event.

Art Ache is an alternative solution to showcasing large numbers of artists together in a big shed or at art fairs. It showcases 5-6 artists at a time from a range of creative backgrounds, in an intimate and convivial environment.

It aims is to educate New Zealanders about art in a way that creates an ongoing interest in order to make art part of the everyday conversation.

Art Ache believes at the core of every happy healthy society is a strong connection with its cultural ambassadors.

Art Ache aims to assist intellectual and creative development, for the betterment of the local community and national identity.

There are many art enthusiasts outside of our art bubbles, who love art and spend money on art but don’t know where to start, find galleries intimidating and are not left with many other options than printed canvases bought from the framers.

Art Ache provides young art lovers and future patrons the rare opportunity to buy Fine Art from a selection of this country’s strongest artists at studio prices. This gives momentum to the assimilation of fine art with everyday New Zealand culture and breaks down the barriers between artist and patron.

We know that art means different things to different people, we have fine-tuned a strategic approach to our artist selection, catering to a broad reach of interested persons, that when intermingled at the event, learn about other kinds of art, be it fine art, pop art or craft, in an atmosphere that is inclusive and inductive to open-mindedness and learning.

Art Ache takes pride in selecting the finest artistic minds New Zealand has to offer and showcasing them with integrity and passion.

By connecting artist and future patron together in this way we create a memory for the patron around an artwork which increases the likelihood of an ongoing interest in the artist, driving support for them throughout their career.

Art Ache is a charitable enterprise, created to effect change and forward momentum within our arts sector nationwide.

All artists will be present at an event night.

Aimee. M. Ralfini, 
Founder – Art Ache™
Published Nov 2017